It’s not because of any fuckery that Goggle is pulling.  I’ve been blogging there for thirteen years, now, and I’ve been OK with their platform.

But this one has a little more functionality.  One of them is the ability to set up an automatically-triggered banhamer.

I’ll need to figure out how to move the rather extensive blogrolls. Many of those people are cyber-friends and I’d hate to lose ties with them.

One of the drawbacks in living is such state is magazine limits.  If all you can use is a ten-round magazine, then a full-size 9mm is overly large for the capacity.  Other than ammunition costs (9mm practice ammo is really cheap now), you might as well carry a gun that shoots bigger bullets.

The original wondernine, the Browning High Power, is a good example. The standard 9mm held 13 rounds.  The .40 S&W variant, which had a fairly short production run, held ten rounds.

The S&W 3rd generation compact 9mms held 12 rounds.  The .40s held nine.

But let’s be frank:  The old debate over caliber size is utterly passé.  There has been enough work done that shows that the difference between an expanding 9mm and a .45 is maybe one or two tenths of an inch.  Handgun bullets incapacitate by penetrating deeply enough to hit vital stuff.  A down-right-now hit requires hitting the central nervous system, which is a small target and is at the back of the body.

As an aside, Lucky Gunner compared a lot of different rounds.

Velocity, out of handguns, matters for two reasons: Pushing the bullet out fast enough so it expands and so it penetrates enough.  Clear ballistic gel tests can show impressive temporary stretch cavities, but research has pretty well proven that unless a bullet hits at over 2,000 fps, a body isn’t affected by that.  Over 2,000 fps, there is tearing and other bad stuff, which is why a 5.56mm round at combat ranges does what it does.

But to the point: If you can’t carry all of the 9mm rounds that a gun can hold, you might as well carry one that holds bigger BBs.

I’ve moved to a less-than-free state.  That meant giving up my AR-15.  What the hell, I rarely shot it.

So I replaced it with a SKS.  If there’s an issue, 10 rounds should suffice.

And I still have a Garand.

And a 12-gauge.

I should get up and do something. Make a drink, read one of the magazines it came in. Something.

However, I have a cat sleeping on my stomach. So I think I’m just going to lie here, enjoy the evening, and aggressively do nothing.

Google hasn’t updated their blogging app for iPhones. So that’s that whilst I am on the road. Maybe it’s time to shift platforms.

My home blog is still functioning, so that’s where you’ll find most everything that I write.  I do come by and blow the dust from this one, just in case I ever need to migrate.  The technical cool kids seem to change blogging platforms from time to time, but ehh, why bother?  If something works, why change it?

Kind of why I’m pretty much a wheelgunner.

The other reason is that I don’t know what the future will hold.  For right now, revolvers are legal to carry damn near everywhere, except maybe New York City.  If I have to move, I can’t see being so invested in a gun type that moving will mean I’m out a lot of cash.  So no, I’m not buying MSRs or AKs or any of those guns.

And in reality, I’m not a big rifle shooter.   I don’t have much of a need for them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t shoot them.  But I’ll bend from time to time,  And that SMLE’s going to be legal anywhere I go, as well.

Probably as big as a house, but I did try to shrink it down a little.


One of the more irritating things is that it’s getting harder and harder to comment on other blogs.  Some won’t take Blogger/Goggle accounts.  Some won’t take WordPress.  For those that take one but not the other, I keep this place open.

Some blog sites require registration.  Fuck that, for registration requires cookies and then they’re (or their host) will track you.

To hell with it.  I just cleaned my cat’s litter box, now I’m going to grab my .303 and go to the range.

Man, is it dusty around here.


I’ve been more active at the primary blog, of course.  I’ve had to use this blog’s username to comment on WordPress blogs, because of, hell if I know.  So if you came here because of a comment that I’ve made on your blog, yes, it is I:  Comrade Misfit.

White-tail deer season is approaching.  I have the rifles for it.  Or a handgun.  Or a slug-throwing shotgun.  What I don’t have is the freezer space for a butchered deer.  There are large cat sanctuaries in driving distance who’d probably take what I didn’t want.

But I’m also getting older. My knees are not what they once were.  Rough terrain plays hob on them, now.  I may have to confine my riflery to a range and buy my meat from the store.  Sucks, it does