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I did make the trip to the rifle range a few times.  I bought a Savage Mk II as the nearest range is an indoor one and it is rimfire only.  They frown on prone shooting, but they seem OK with the kneeling position, which is better than nothing.

I made it to the regular rifle ranges a few times.  I still don’t have a place to shoot from most of the field positions.

Lost my job, as well.  I still have a place to life, food on the table and my health is good, so that is 3 out of 4.

I am getting tired, though.  In one of his “Easy Rawlins” books, Walter Mosley said that life can be like a boxing match– the thing is that a punch that would barely faze you in the first couple rounds can put you flat on the canvas in the later rounds.  I am finding that to be true.

I know, it is a bummer.