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My home blog is still functioning, so that’s where you’ll find most everything that I write.  I do come by and blow the dust from this one, just in case I ever need to migrate.  The technical cool kids seem to change blogging platforms from time to time, but ehh, why bother?  If something works, why change it?

Kind of why I’m pretty much a wheelgunner.

The other reason is that I don’t know what the future will hold.  For right now, revolvers are legal to carry damn near everywhere, except maybe New York City.  If I have to move, I can’t see being so invested in a gun type that moving will mean I’m out a lot of cash.  So no, I’m not buying MSRs or AKs or any of those guns.

And in reality, I’m not a big rifle shooter.   I don’t have much of a need for them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t shoot them.  But I’ll bend from time to time,  And that SMLE’s going to be legal anywhere I go, as well.